New starter and Consent forms

If your child is new to our school we require an Admissions form to be completed with information about your child. In addition, we have a number of consents and permissions which have been collated into an electronic form. These forms can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Walking Home Permission

In the UK there isn't a minimum legal age for children to walk home alone.  However, we advise that children only be allowed to walk home alone if you believe they have the emotional maturity to do so and are comfortable with walking unaccompanied. If you would like your child to walk home unaccompanied please contact the school office We will then add your consent to your child's Arbor account. 


Mobile Phone Agreement

If your child brings a mobile phone into school, permission will only be granted to those whose parents feel it is necessary for them because they walk to and from school independently. 
- Mobile phone must be switched off before coming onto the school site and must not be used on the playground before school. 
- They should be handed to the class teacher on arrival to the classroom, who will then lock them away and return them to the end of the day. 
- Phones can only be switched on again once the child has left the premises. 
- The school takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to mobile phones brought into school. 

If you feel it is absolutely necessary for your child to bring a mobile phone to school for their safety, please contact the school office,,  who will add this consent to your child's Arbor account.