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Mapping to 2014 Computing Curriculum

Lower KS2

Accuracy counts

Children investigate the concept of computer networks including the internet and the services offered on it.  They use and compare search engines on the World Wide Web, selecting and evaluating with increasing discernment and respecting copyright when creating their own content. They use spreadsheet software to create graphs and to explore number patterns.


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Children use a variety of different software to create digital content, understanding some of the differences between them. They select and use software to create non-linear content for specific audiences and objectives.


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Bringing images to life

Children develop understanding of the ways that digital images can be edited and transformed.  They develop understanding of animation, using digital tools to create their own animation.  They use programming software to produce programmed animations, using sequence, repeat and selection.


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Developing communication

Children use online communication tools such as email, blogs and discussion forums to support collaborative learning, safely and respectfully. They use simple sound editing software to record and manipulate sound clips. 


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Keeping informed

Children understand the difference between data and information.  They use sensing and datalogging tools to gather data to support their science investigations.  They structure data in branching and flat-file databases and understand how to derive information from these sources.


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Programming and games

Children explore simulations, explaining how these are structured and some of the programming needed.  They decompose tasks and create and debug algorithms to solve them, understanding how algorithms support the programming process.  They write programs to achieve specific objectives, understanding and using sequence, selection and repetition.  They test, debug and refine their programs.


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