Headteacher Gareth Linwood

Hello all, 


I have been at Fleetville for three years now, a headteacher for 16 years and teaching since 1996. It is a job and career I love as it brings such a variety to my every day. I particularly enjoy working for you at our school and living in our community. Fleetville is special and deserves the very best we can all give it. 

I have long been inspired by the children I work with. They have such a wonderful view of our world and are truly selfless in their approach. For example, recently we have had our children discuss and present to our whole school about the positive aspects of veganism, environmentalism and sustainability. Historically the children have participated in the climate strikes, fundraising for homeless, collecting for charities and sponsored activity amongst many others. The passion and belief they bring is absolutely inspirational. 

'Be Kind' is one of our key drivers and resonates personally as I believe kindness improves individuals and society. I regularly speak to our school about how small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to others. I define kindness as being any act which improves someone else's day by being friendly, generous or considerate and, for me, should be done without expectation of reward or return.  


Most new academic years I try and learn something new, sometimes it only lasts the year, sometimes it affects my life in the longer term. Recently my proudest accomplishments include learning to drum and ride a motorbike. 


I am particularly proud of my three daughters who are most definitely kind and inspiring in equal measure. They bring joy and laughter to my life and my world is far richer with them in it.