Headteacher Clare Whitehouse

Hello, my name is Ms Whitehouse and I started at Fleetville Junior School in January 2021. I qualified as a teacher 15 years ago and since then have worked in a variety of schools as a teacher, SENCO, Senior Leader and Assistant Headteacher.  

I am extremely proud to be the headteacher at Fleetville and work with children and staff that strive for excellence and love to challenge themselves. 




When I think about people who inspire me, I think about the people that have over come challenges or have fought for something they believe in. I think about the people who have made a difference to the lives of others and who never give up even when things are difficult. These are the people that inspire me to become a better person, teacher and mother and make me want to help create a world that is better for future generations. 

What is kindness? To me, kindness should not be defined by a list of actions. It should instead be defined as an outlook on life and a natural desire to want the best for everyone. How this manifests will look different for everyone but at the root of everything is a warmth and compassion that people show to one another in both the happiest and saddest times. 

The accomplishments I am most proud are, becoming a teacher and becoming a mother. I only decided to become a teacher at the age of 24 and had to return to university to complete my PGCE. It was daunting to return to education and I had to work alongside completing my course. There were difficult times when I wanted to give up but I knew that the hard work would pay off in the end, and it did.