Hi, I’m Miss Barkham. I’m new to Fleetville Junior School this year and couldn’t be more excited to join and teach Year 4! I’m originally from St Albans myself but have been living and working in London until last year. Before I came to teaching, I used to work in the travel industry which was fantastic as I adore exploring new places. My old job gave me some great opportunities to do this around the world and I have some wonderful memories travelling. Despite this, I decided to change career to teaching (a decision made pre-pandemic and the travel industry sadly suffering) as I love working with children! There is a job satisfaction of teaching a child something new, that for me, cannot be topped 😊!


Greta Thunberg inspires me because she stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t listen when people try to tell her she is too young to make a difference!

I would define kindness as acting with positive intentions. You can be kind to other people, yourself, animals and to the planet if how you are behaving is attempting to leave things better off than before you were kind to them.

I recently won the Dean’s Award from the University of Hertfordshire out of everyone completing the PGCE course. I am proud of this accomplishement as I was nervous returning to study but I worked hard, focused fully on my assignments, and was rewarded with this lovely recognition!