Hi, I’m Ms Figg

I love working at Fleetville and I have enjoyed watching so many children on their journey through the school.

At the moment, the things I most enjoy doing are being outdoors and going for long walks in the countryside with my friends and Tiggy the dog . Trees are some of my favourite things, as well as all kinds of living creatures. I also love history and I am always curious about old buildings. The people most important to me are my friends and family.  .

I am inspired by anyone who spends most of their life helping the environment. David Attenborough is a huge hero of mine, and I really admire Greta Thundberg.  I also find my best friend inspirational as she has had to overcome many obstacles in her life but is always smiling and so positive. 

I would define kindness as treating others as you would wish to be treated. I believe it is important to say sorry and make amends if you ever hurt someone’s feelings.