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Do I have a positive attitude towards maths?

WARNING: Hollywood Hates Math - Don't get sucked in!

This video highlights a viewpoint which is commonly shared across Western culture without much protest. This view promotes the idea that it is okay to say, 'I can't do maths'.

This must stop!

Would we ever accept a child saying 'I can't read' without challenging them or supporting them to do so?

What can we do to change this narrative?

The most helpful thing parents can do is be a positive maths role model and to share with their children when they have used maths in their day. We are always estimating timings, distances and other measures. We are always dealing with money, costs, totals and change or planning items for a certain number of people where multiplying and division come in to play. By supporting children to make the connections between the maths they are learning and real life experiences, we are helping them to understand that maths is a huge part of our daily life and that we can all do maths.

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