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Fleetville Animals

We have 4 lovely hens in our quad.  Can you work out the link between their names?
Picture 1 Clarissa
Picture 2 Nadiya
Picture 3 Prue
Picture 4 Nigella
Our hens lay about 18 eggs a week.  We designed our own logo to put on the egg boxes.  We sell them to parents on Fridays and use the money to pay for chicken feed and sawdust.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Two bunnies joined the chickens in the quad in September and after lots of deliberation they were called Cookie and Muffin.  In January they had two babies who we have called Fudge and Nibbles - they look very like their Mum and Dad!
Picture 1 Muffin
Picture 2 Fudge
Picture 3 Fudge and Nibbles

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